One of the most important parts when starting a brand or when you want to go one step further with a consolidated brand is branding.

It is the way in which you present yourself to the world and in which it will recognize you above other brands in your sector.

In lobo visuals we are very clear that we want all our clients to be recognized for their brand identity and that is why we offer you a comprehensive branding or rebranding service where you can hire from your logo, website, catalogs to the entire marketing image of your company .

Zig Zag is an American company that develops and builds chairs. Their products are innovative with inspiring design.


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Möbel is a German  minimalist furniture brand. Its products are made of wood to create modern and elegant spaces.

Skin is a cosmetics brand born in Hong Kong. The brand knows about the most common skin problems in real people, and knows that inner beauty is the best way to achieve outer beauty.


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Quincey Cosmetics is a Norwegian natural cosmetics brand. Its main market is handmade soaps created with natural products.

Juliet is a jewelry store with a young style from New York. It sells to an urban and young audience with its own casual style.


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Tek is an American telecommunications company. They are lovers of new technologies and are innovative with their services.